Real-Time Fleet Tracking
Trips History Playback
Group Tracking
Object’s Cursor & Track Coloring
MultiLevel Assets Hierarchy
Flexible Trips Splitting
MultiTrack Feature
Static and Moving Control Points Support
GeoFences and Landmarks
Vehicle Status Tracking
Trip Parameters Control

Real-time Alerts
Overspeed Control
Multi Channel Temperature Control
Panic Button Support
Event Management
Tyre Pressure Control

Enterprise KPI Dashboard
Powerful and Flexible Reports System
Automated and Sheduled Reports
TimeLine View
Powerful Charts and Diagrams Constructor

Role-based Users Hierarchy
Multi Languages & Time Zones Support
Open and Extensive API for Integration
User Friendly Fully Customizable Interface
Flexible Module System
Multimonitor Configuration Support
Unlimited Number of Workplaces

Powerful Fuel Management
Refueling and Fuel Draining Detection

Route Optimization
Job Schedule Board
Maintenance Reminders
Fleet, Driver & Team Management

Hosted Software
No problem with supporting your own server
Comes with all needed features in very short time
Free Desktop, Web, iOS and Android Applications
GPS tracking business without big investments
Manage and charge your users for service

Server Software
Build your own GPS tracking server
No monthly fees for software
Unlimited number of users and devices
Free Desktop, Web, iOS and Android Applications

Multi-Map Tile View
Vector, Raster and Internet Maps Support
Powerful MultiGIS Engine
Live Fleet Map Website Integration

Custom Virtual Sensors Support
CANbus data reading
User Definable Fields and Parameters
Passengers Counting
Treated Area Control
Small Aircraft Special Features
Discrete, Analog and Digital Sensors Support

Driver ID and Automatic Driver Assignment
2-Way Messaging